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Liberty Promenade is committed to creating a comfortable and relaxed shopping experience and a quick visit to the Customer Information Desk, situated in front of PEP Stores, is all you need to find out more about the shopping centre. For our customers with physical challenges, Liberty Promenade offers a number of facilities and services including:

  • Single-level, wheelchair-friendly shopping centre layout
  • Reserved parking bays close to the shopping centre entrances
  • Wheelchair-friendly public toilets
  • Wheelchairs available on request

For families with young children, we have a dedicated baby room located next to the bathrooms, which are situated in the Food Court, the Furniture wing and the Centre Management passage where you can feed or change your baby. Embracing the diversity of our customers, we offer our Muslim customers a comfortable prayer room for your convenience. Salaah facilities are open daily at prayer times in the aisle next to the Abenaki Spur in the food court.

As per the national smoking legislations, smoking in both enclosed and public areas are illegal unless the area is deemed a designated smoking zone.

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Ster Kinekor

Visit www.sterkinekor.com or call the ticket line on 0861 668 437 for more information

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Telephone: 021 377 4000

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